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Leslie Burke
17 November
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Leslie is somewhat tall for her age and very slender, often called “bean poll” by her classmates. She’s blonde, her hair is cut into a chin-length bob, and she has green eyes. She was twelve years of age when she moved to Lark Creek. Her parents are both writers and while it’s clear they adore their only daughter, they have a tendency to become deeply involved in their work, and Leslie often feels alone when they’re working on a book. It is said that she did not have friends at her old school, and that her parents were greatly relieved when she made friends with neighbor and classmate Jess Aarons.

On her first day at the new school, she endears herself to her teachers and beats a group of boys in a race at recess, including Jess, who came in second. While he’s initially bitter towards her for the perceived embarrassment, eventually the two outcasts become friends. Where Jess is targeted because he is poor, Leslie is ridiculed and bullied by fellow students for her strong sense of individuality, and the fact that she does not own a television.

Leslie and Jess create, or as Leslie would put it discover the magical land of Terabithia in the woods behind their homes. Through their adventures as king and queen of the enchanted kingdom, Leslie helps Jess find a happiness he was missing in his home life, and they both find the courage to deal with their bullies as well as the compassion to realize that said bullies are also human, too.

Tragically, Leslie dies while attempting to swing across the swollen creek to get to Terabithia. The rope breaks, she falls and strikes her head, and drowns.

Disclaimer: Lesie is a fictional character from the novel Bridge to Terabithia and the movie(s) of the same name. This version of her is taken from the 2007 movie. Leslie and all related characters belong to Katherine Paterson. Sophia Robb belongs to herself. I make no money and no copyright infringement is intended.

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